In addition to the more common Services that people associate with carpet cleaners, I also provide the following services

 Hypo-Allergenic Products & Anti-Allergen Treatments

For people with allergic conditions or breathing complications, we have a special line of hypoallergenic products to use in our pre-sprays and rinses. These Products are Green by there very nature, but even more gentle for those who are sensitive to a majority of cleaning products. Pricing is givien for the products in the carpet cleaning section of the Web Site.

The "Responsible Care" line of products is all Hypo-allergenic and I will be glad to send you the literature and Material Safety Data Sheets for them so you can decide on their suitability for you and your needs. For severe cases, we have an anti-allergen treatment that we can apply to mattresses, carpeting, and upholstery. When warranted, the whole house should be treated at once, starting with dusting and vacuuming everywhere, cleaning and sealing the ducts, cleaning the carpeting, upholstery, etc., and finally applying the anti-allergen.


Odor Control and Elimination

Depending on the odor and the corresponding cause, we have several tools, products and methods at our disposal to treat odors caused by wet padding, burned or spilled food or beverages … etc. Each job is different! After evaluating the problem, I'll provide a detailed proposal with what I plan to do to remove the odor. Normally associated with pets, I have more detailed info in the Carept Cleaning and Pet odor sections of the Web site.



Dryer and Vent Cleaning

As time goes by, load by load the dryer in the laundry room is heating and turning your clothing to dry it and there's lint getting blown out past the lint trap and into the back of the dryer and into the vent leading out of the house. At some point depending on the usage the dryer gets, the unit should be cleaned. The lint build-up will rob your dryer of its efficiency and possibly lead to a fire! They should be checked and cleaned on at least a bi-annual basis. While I'm there doing the Carpeting, Tile or Upholstery it is the perfect time to have it done, most of the equipment is already inside, and you will get a great rate! Just mention it when scheduling the other cleanings so we can bring the extra attachments with us or maybe even the compressor, if necessary



Mattress Cleaning

Dead Skins Cells Lead to Dust-mites and other creepy crawlies. First we HEPA Vacuum the Mattress, then we Rinse and Extract the surfaces. Bed Bug Die at 113 Degrees, our Cleaning Solutions are between 210-240 Degrees and we don't need chemicals to kill bed bugs! Of course, if there was some type of accident that requires the use of a sanitizing agent to treat germs inside the surface, then we can inject a product that dissenfects and de-odorizes as well!


Wood Floor Care

There is now a growing trend towards hardwood floors and it's far better to clean and polish your floors or to clean and coat them than to leave them untreated until the need refinishing. Whether you need a simple Clean & Polish or a Clean & Coat, I can provide a economical alternative to calling he wood floor man. Should you need a more aggressive Screen & Coat or Sand & Refinish, I have the perfect resource,please call me to discuss your needs and I will arrange for an onsite inspection by myself of my wood floor scpecialist!

Wood Floor Services
Clean & Polish    $.70 SF/ $150 minimum
Clean & Coat  $1.25 SF/ $250 minimum 
Second Coat   $.35 SF
Screen & Coat ( 2 coats) $1.75 SF/ $500 minimum
Sand & Refinish ( 2 coats) $2.50 SF/ $500 minimum
Application of Stain before finish $.25 SF/ $125.00 minimum
Strait Flights of 11 to 13 steps $75, $125, $250 tops only, $500 backs included
Furniture manipulation and shoe molding are extra
Repairs require inspection  $450.00 minimum
These prices vary from situation to situation


Stripping and Waxing Floors

For your Tiled Floors, I can provide Maintenance Programs or Full Scale Services to keep your floors looking shinny new! Maintenance services include Burnishing, Clean & Rejuvenation, Clean &Coat or we can Strip & Finish the floors to give you a fresh start on a Maintenance Program.


Rubberized Floring

I have the experience in servicing E-Tiles, Indoor Tracks, Muscle Mats and other Rubberized Floors as per manufacturer's specifications treated with rejuvenating treatments and/ or Sealers.


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