Area Rugs

Chinese, Duries, Indian, Persian, Turkish, Machine or Hand Made, ....

Your valuable Rugs are in good hands when you call on me. Depending on their condition, level of soiling, how delicate they are, or other conditions, I may clean them in your home or take them to the plant for a cleaning in a more controlled environment where they can ge given a higher standard of care, deeper cleanings, and dried in a drying chamber! In plant cleaning can also allow for;

Cleaning of the Fringes

Bleaching out permanent stains and spot dying!

In House Cleaning $1.25-1.50 Sq/Ft
In Plant Cleaning  $3.50 to $5.00 Sq/Ft
Silk and Cotton Blends $3.00 to $6.50 Sq/Ft
Soaking for heavily Soiled Rugs or to Remove Odors $1.50 to $3.50 Sq/Ft Additional
Bleaching & Spot Dying $50.00 and up
Repairing Loose Bindings  $15.00- 20.00 Lf/ $50.00 min.
Repairing/ Replacing Fringes $15.00 Lf/ $50.00 min.
Reweaving Damaged Areas  Priced upon inspection/ $100.00 min.
In Plant Minimum Charge Order $200
In plant minimum Charge per Rug $100.00

Please note that spot dying and re-weaving can't always be an exact match and the more complicated the color(s) and color scheme the more the potential disparity.