A Major Part of Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Living Environment is Cleaning and Sanitizing the Air Ducts that Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer

I started cleaning Air Ducts about 12 years ago, but Pretty much gave it up except for some realtors and property owners, when I became dissatisfied with the systems & equipment available to me as a carpet cleaner to diversify into the field. It was not worth it for me to earn a couple of extra bucks if it meant giving a client a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. So, I started referring my client's to my friend Morris, who ran a Full time Duct Cleaning Company that I used to service My Parent's Home because the system I used was not capable of doing the job just right.

However, with the improvements in the Add-on systems & equipment available to us carpet cleaners, I decided back in 2010 to start offering the services to all my clients again. So I purchased the Ram Air System, a popular unit among carpet cleaning companies because of its ease of use.

But, if you have picked up anything about me, I do not do anything the easy way! I think the Ram Air System is a Great system for what it is meant for and I center my work around it, BUT, I still incorporate the use of a couple of other Tools from other Systems as well as some Methodologies that I have picked up along the way.

As you may suspect from my history and the description above, my pricing normally runs higher than my competitors, but it depends on the actual work being done. While most Carpet Cleaning Companies just blow the air down your return system and let your filter catch the debris; We will actually open the return to Brush and Vacuum out the debris at the source and then we can open the main lines and capture the debris that are blown down the Main Line before it gets to the filter as specified in the NADCA Standard ( this raises the cost of each job $50-$150 over other carpet and multi-service cleaning companies, depending on the number of returns and return lines). Then, we actually open the Exposed Supply Lines to get to the those areas that cannot be reached from the register openings only. Please note that I will Use a SHARP utility blade to score any of the paint that has sealed tight ant of the wall registers/ returns that I must move to gain access the duct work and as such, I cannot be held responsible for any affects to the paint job resulting from these efforts.

Below, I have A Price guide my Air Duct Cleaning Services, but it's just that, a guide. It is best that I come out to your home for an inspection of the system to scope out the system and ensure that I can properly service your needs and that you are given a fair price for your service. There are many variables that go into the pricing of the service ( type of vents, are the vents painted in place, ceiling/ floor or wall vents, number of returns, number of Air Handlers, Location of Air Handlers, ....) and a complete visual inspection is the best way for me to tell you the cost of the service and more importantly, to verify that I can make myself and thus you happy!

Remember, If I can't make you happy, then I will refer you to  out to someone who I know and trust can take care of you!


Pricing Guide
Minimum Service Charge up to 3 returns and Air Handler ONLY $275.00 
Clean from 6 and up to 8 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler  From $275.00-$375.00 
Clean from 9 and up to 12 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler From $425.00-$525.00
Clean from 13 and up to 16 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler From  $475.00-$575.00
Clean from 17 and up to 20 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler From $575.00-$675.00  
Clean from 21 and up to 26 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler From  $675.00-$775.00
Clean from 27 and up to 30 Returns/ Vents and Air Handler From  $775.00-$975.00
Additional Air handlers From  $50.00-$150.00
Dryer Vent Cleaning From  $150.00-$250.00   
Fogging Sanitizing Agent into System   From  $125-$300.00